Demonstrates ability to describe common research methods related to Educational Technology
Artifact: EDCI 513 Final Paper – “Knowledge Management in Organizations: Technologies, Cultures, and People

As an advocate of quality enablement on technology for employees, I thoroughly enjoyed the process of finding research to support my ideas on this topic.  When there is a missing link in the transfer of knowledge to a target audience, an organization’s competitive advantage and employee’s performance suffer.  I wanted to define the need and connection between an organization’s knowledge management system and its’ employee performance.  This involved examining and comparing various organization’s culture, technologies, and employee performance. A number of organizations believe that by focusing exclusively on people (talent), organizational culture or technologies without much regard for the other, they can manage knowledge and avoid risk. However, an exclusive focus on people, culture or technologies separately does not empower an organization to sustain its’ competitive advantages. Through my research, I was able to explain why several major companies (Netflix) have had to adjust their knowledge management approaches to support all three areas. My research methods included mixed methods such as reviewing correlational research and observational research that incorporated qualitative interviews and case studies.

Demonstrates ability to read and evaluate Educational Technology research
Artifact: EDCI 513 Final Paper – “Knowledge Management in Organizations: Technologies, Cultures, and People

In the literature review section of the paper, I thoroughly describe the hypothesis of the researchers, the methodology, the criteria used to collect data, and the findings of the studies. I gathered research by reading various journals, business case studies and websites that focused on my topic. From this, I was able to express valid conclusions between the link of knowledge management, technologies and employee performance. In addition, I analyzed several organizations and their knowledge management strategies. From my research, I was able to discuss technologies and organizational culture and how it relates to having the right tools for the right job and roles. Thorough this exercise, I gained valuable research and evaluation skills that I will continue to use in the future.

Applies research findings to the solution of common problems in Educational Technology
Artifact: EDCI 531 Final Paper – Role Based Training in the Digital Age

I was able to demonstrate my ability to apply research findings in my EDCI 531 final paper. In this paper, I demonstrated how to apply research findings to isolate solutions to address 21st century challenges that are occurring in role based training. I applied knowledge and research of learning theories to the study of “Role Based Training in the Digital Age”. I illustrated how relevant role based training can provide solutions for companies to promote and inspire innovation in employees by teaching them how to think and engage in the 21st century.  I collected and analyzed the results of research findings that assessed role based training environments and the results to determine what they indicated for complex scenarios and the ownership of employee’s learning. This included the relevancy of role based training, the impact of role based training on learning and creative inspirations for employees as it relates to role based training.

In addition, as I was analyzing the scholarly journals, I reiterated the importance that learning in the current world should be dynamic in order to equip learners with skills and ideas that are relevance to surviving in this digital age. The problem facing the top companies can be neutralized through relevant role based training, where trainees are exposed to skills that enable them to change with new trends. They are also able to create new ideas that help in solving current and future problems facing the industry.