Concerning WorkFor 15+ years, I have worked in, on and around the Internet. Sometimes just as a hobby meand others as a “real” (i.e paying) job. My time is usually spent working with leadership teams to discuss strategies, planning/developing new enablement, communication needs and business priorities.

Currently, I work as a Global Strategic Program Manager for SAP. I thrive on collaborating with global training leaders to discuss and implement learning strategies. Our team plans, develops and executes on learning strategies for 5 functional areas (Sales, Services, ACO, SMO and Partners). Our team does extensive work with integrating innovations into our programs, newsletters and training materials. In addition, I am a Lead Admin for the LMS (SuccessFactors Learning Management System) which provides governance, strategic initiatives and collaboration on training being delivered all over the world.

Ironically, my earlier business years were in commercial construction (TWELVE at Atlantic Station being one of our projects) and being a mom. When time permits, I attend the Atlanta Web Design Group, volunteer at HospiceAtlanta, iCare Atlanta and make a conscious effort to support local.

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