Performance Improvement

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Practitioner/Peer Reviewed Journal from EDCI 528 Bingham, Tony. (2012). Performance improvement: Best practices from around the world. Performance Improvement Quarterly, 25(1), 99-103. Dr. Tony Bingham, prior president and CEO of American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), wrote an article for the ISPI-sponsored journal. He focuses on the impact and best practices from around the […]

Interview with Dr. Stolovitch

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Dr. Stolovitch: Researcher, Professor, Expert HPT Advisor and Author Featured Guest Speaker for EDCI 528 First, what a delightful presenter! Dr. Stolovitch discussed his personal history, the state of HPT today, his research work, getting a job in ID or HPT, “selling” HPT to others in your organization, and more. I really loved his pragmatic and honest approach […]

The importance of stimulus (Post from EDCI 531)

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Stimulus is the most important because the content of the stimulus can be specific to the learning outcome. For example, if the stimulus is verbal information, printed prose such as a chapter in a textbook or an audio tape will achieve the learning objective. If the stimulus is an intellectual skill, the instructor can display the […]

Instructional Design Process (Post from EDCI 569)

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“Instructional design” is a general process for developing courses to be used in K-12 and/or in corporate training. It involves such things as figuring out what you want to teach, setting objectives for your course, deciding the topics to teach to reach the objectives, deciding the means by which you’ll teach your topics, deciding how […]

HPI, EPSS and My Experience (Post from EDCI 513)

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In my opinion, this was a pretty challenging assignment not because of the content but because of the magnitude of the topic (or maybe just my experience with it). The HPI model has so many pieces and can be applied in so many ways! Dr. Schaffer’s video/lecture really only touched on a very small piece […]